About Me

After a spiritual emergence in 1998 I left my corporate office job and began my journey toward re-connecting with my authentic self.  During the next several years I experienced many healing modalities including Western, Naturopathic , Holistic and Chinese medicines, as well as Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Reiki, and Body Work. I also began my continuing exploration of the many avenues toward spiritual growth including Religion, Ancient Wisdom Practices, Philosophy and Scientific Theories.

I came to the understanding that there was ‘something more’ directing me and that the more I listened to this Divine Essence the more peaceful and balanced I felt. Trusting this Source led me to the knowing that as each of us heals individually, the collective is also healed.

It was important for me to facilitate others’ healing as well as my own.  I was called to energy work and became a Reiki Sechim practitioner and later received Master Attunements.

In order to enhance my ability to hold safe, sacred healing space I became an Advanced Healing Arts Practitioner. This course of study covered the power of individual personal beliefs and the functions of the conscious, sub-conscious, and super-conscious mind. It also taught techniques of interpreting a variety of non-physical phenomenon. It helped deepen my intuition and my trust in accessing the Inner Healer.

Spirit then guided me to enroll in a two year ministerial training program offered by the Center for Sacred Studies.  In 2015 I was ordained as a Minister of Walking Prayer and have served as a Mentor and Weaver in their Ministerial Program. I am truly grateful to have been immersed in the wisdom teachings of the Original Peoples through this holy training.

I’ve learned to lead from my heart in service to others, to truly recognize and dialogue with the Spirit of Creation, and to know that everything - no matter how beautiful or messy - is an expression of that Spirit. 


- no matter how beautiful or messy -

is an expression of that Spirit."

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