About Me

Minister of Walking Prayer, Initiated Elder, Reiki Master/Teacher,

Certified Ho'oponopono and Advanced Healing Arts Practitioner

During a spiritual emergence in 1998 I came to the understanding that there was something ​more directing me and that the more I listened to this Divine Essence the more peaceful and balanced I felt. Trusting this led me to the knowing that as each of us heals individually, the collective is also healed.

When we clear false beliefs and perceptions and discover our connection to Source we are able to live a life of joy and authenticity. I am dedicated to holding safe, sacred, space for you as you journey toward uncovering the truth of who you really are.

I lead from my heart, and have learned to recognize and dialogue with the Spirit of Creation. My belief is that everything - no matter how beautiful or messy - is an expression of that Spirit.