Differences Between Spiritual Direction and Psychological Counseling

Gratitude to Russell Park, Ph.D.

Both Spiritual Direction and Psychological Counseling are valuable, however there are differences between the two. In spiritual direction, we think of God as the true Director or the Sacred Therapist. In counseling, the role of the therapist is primary. Therapists are listening for the movements and patterns of the person. Spiritual directors are listening for the movements of God.

Usually, unhappiness or a precipitating crisis brings people into therapy. In spiritual direction, however, people typically come because they are feeling an inner hunger or longing, sometimes not knowing for what, but it is experienced as a spiritual need. Directees may also come with shame, pain, and guilt.

The key difference is that spiritual directors operate from the assumption that “the person is already whole, but hasn’t yet fully embraced this truth for themselves.” Healing comes, but it comes from strengthening the soul connection.

Sacred Listening Sessions

We meet by Phone or Zoom Video and I begin by opening safe space. Through intuitive listening, reflecting and validating I help you identify what you are being called to address. Moving forward, in addition to talking we may use breathing, chanting, praying, or singing to help facilitate clearing and healing. This always depends on honoring your level of comfort and following Spirit's lead.

I hold you in love and use my experience and intuition to support you as you learn to trust your inner voice. The process isn't always easy, however all things you experience on your journey are sacred. We move as slowly or as quickly as needed, always gently and with gratitude for the process.

Sacred Listening sessions are an hour in length once per month. In the Spirit of Reciprocity the suggested donation is $60.00 per session or whatever you feel called to contribute.

"All things you experience

on your journey are sacred."

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